Friday, September 11, 2009

The eating 'right trap'

Do you have rigid rules around eating and watch every morsel? If so, you're most prone to falling ill.

So, you don't eat" Pani Puri"unless it's made using mineral water.And you simply refuse to eat products made from anything except whole wheat.Well, i hve a news for you.Thea healthy-food obsession could be bad for your health. And mind you, sucha cases are on rise now.

According to doctors, the most dangerous trend is of making dietary changes based on an understanding of what is nutritious, culled mostly from research off the net and the media.People also blindly follow what dieticians say without questioning the logic behind it.People totally forget about dietary balance.They read somewhere that OLIVE OIL is the best oil and so they totally dump other oils.Through some other sources they find out that sugar/daiary products are bad for a fit body and so shun every sugar or dairy product source, without realising that they are prohibiting their body of essential nutrients.Variety is very important otherwise body gradually looses "Immunity".

Food thought to contain pesticides,addictives or preservatives is also ditched.Some complement lost minerals and vitamin pills.But there is no substitute to a natural diet.Don't stuff yourself with vitamin tablets as it leads to an excess of one vitamin and creates imbalance.The body stops producing enzymes that are required to absorb other vitamins.

Many nutritionists say a pizza can be a healthy eating option, provided it has vegetable toppings. Excluding its maida base, a pizza has vegetables that make it rich in vitamins and minerals.Also, the cheese is high in fat but high in protein as well.It's important to expose your body to different kind of foods as it helps adjust immunity. So, enjoying your meal gives u a high and keeps you motivated.Stressing over food intake can lead to acidity, low absorption of essential vitamins and minerals.Those who cut down on sugar may have to deal with their blood sugar levels dropping dangerously.It also leads to scaly skin.

We are living in a time where we are bombarded by conflicting research.The best fix is to have a combination of all foods."if u find something unhealthy, like refined oil, make your own pack of combination oils(mix refined oil, mustard oil, olive oil).Start knowing your body instead of blindly following diets.Consume sources of vitamin C to increase immunity and exercise regularly.

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